Thursday, December 30, 2010

Webster's Pages "December DIGITAL Challenge" Entry... a Tutorial & a 30% OFF SALE!! :)

Here's an Easel Card & Matching Envelope that I made for my daughter Alyssa's 14th Birthday... 

I'm going to enter it in the Webster's Pages "December DIGITAL Challenge". I used digital and traditional scrapbook supplies to make a "Hybrid" project.

I decorated the top on the inside of the card, so it can flip up.

The Easel Card is resting on a WP Whimsy Flower

I printed one of the "Ladies" onto cardstock... cut it out... then traced it onto black velvet "sticky back" paper and had a blast decorating it!!! :)

Here's a side view... so you can see how the Easel Card props up.

Okay... I thought I'd include some tutorials with this post... so, here goes...

Splitcoaststampers has an Easel Card Tutorial here...

Mel Stampz has a Square Envelope Tutorial here...

That will get you started on your card base & envelope. I chose to go digi with my papers for this project, but you can use any scrapbook paper and embellies that you wish! So be creative... these are sooooo much FUN to make!! :)

For those of you familiar with Webster's Pages, you may recognize the houndstooth print and 20's font from the Hollywood Vogue Collection. I just tweaked the color in Photoshop to get bright pink to match my daughter's party!

You can find Webster's Pages Digi Products here...

I used the black & white "houndstooth" and the "20's font" from the "Hollywood Vogue Digital Paper Collection".

I used one of the "Ladies" heads from the "Hollywood Vogue Digital Motif Collection".

Some digi info...

Open up your software program.
Open up the Webster's Pages Paper & Motif.
I tweaked the color on the houndstooth paper using HUE/SATURATION.
I "cut" each letter and placed them on a blank document then added the pink outline using "stroke". I also added a slight shadow to give them more depth.
**The houndstooth papers are 5 6/8" square
**The 20's font sentiment is 4 3/8" square
(These measurements also include a .2 black border.)
Then I placed everything on a 12x12 blank document to print it out. Don't worry if your printer prints 8.5 x 11, you can just adjust your images to fit.

**I set them up to print at 6x6 and 5x5, but I left the "adjust to fit" on my printer... so they came out a little bit smaller!

The "Lady" was printed on cardstock and cut out. I cut the bow off and left a little "curl" of hair under the hat... and also cut closer to her chest so I could make my own necklace.

Trace onto the back of black velvet paper. It doesn't have to be "sticky back" paper... I didn't use the sticky part anyway! You just need it to be somewhat stiff so it can be pop-dotted off the page. Some velvet papers are flimsy.

I traced the hat onto a piece of velvet and cut it out. Then placed the printed cardstock hat on top so I could see the markings. I punched holes at each intersection with an awl so I could get a needle through the velvet.

How to thread silk ribbon onto an embroidery needle...

Thread the silk ribbon through the eye of the needle... then poke through the end.

Start to pull the thread back through the eye of the needle.

Keep pulling the ribbon back through the eye of the needle.

Tada!! Now you can sew the ribbon onto the velvet hat without having to worry about the ribbon coming off the needle!

I traced the edge of the hat onto pink cardstock and black velvet so I could make a brim for the hat. Then I used scallop scissors on the pink cardstock.

 I put the black velvet on top of the pink cardstock to complete the brim.

I attached the brim to the hat then added hot fix rhinestones with a hot fix applicator.

I used the "Vintage Floral" Martha Stewart punch @ 6.75 inches for the edge of the card. I also placed a 6 1/8" square piece of pink cardstock behind the Punch. The paper goes just to the tiny dots on the design.

The pink sticks out a little bit at each corner.

I used a corner punch to round the edges. It cuts a little bit too much though and exposes the tiny dots on the corners. I'm going to be covering them up with rhinestones, but if you don't want the holes to show... you can just use scissors to cut that little bit of pink so it doesn't show through.

This is what it looks like on the back side.

I use a hot fix applicator and hot fix rhinestones on just about everything I make!!! I use blue painter's tape to stick the holder to my table. I also use a wax stick and awl to pick up and place the tiny rhinestones. Remember to always use a mat under your work! My sweet Katie has left a perfect design on our dining room table!! :)

2-sided sticky tape is perfect for attaching ribbon.

I used foam dots to attach the head. I had a hard time sticking these to the backing of the velvet paper though. If I had to do this again, I would take the backing off and stick the head to cardstock first. Then use the foam dots. It will stick a lot easier!!

Supplies used...

Digi "Hollywood Vogue" Papers Collection
Digi "Hollywood Vogue" Motif Collection

Webster's Pages Vintage Velvety Berry Bouquet.
I just used the black velvet leaves...
click on photo

Hollywood Ribbon Pack.
I used the Silver Chain Trim & Black Satin Trim...
click on photo

I also have Black Satin Trim that I sell by the foot...
click on photo

Hollywood Vogue Black Whimsy Flower.
click on photo

Thread Art Silk Ribbon - 4mm Dusty Rose
click on photo

Black Cardstock
Pink Cardstock
White Cardstock
White Feathers from my cockatoo "Titus Too"!! Thanks Titus!!
Punch Bunch Flower -  Flower - #27 Super Giant
Punch Bunch Stamen - Big Sky Flake 3 - #4 Large Punch
Hot Fix Rhinestones & Applicator
Martha Stewart "Vintage Floral" Around the Border Punch
Little Flower Gem
My Mind's Eye Flocked Letters

Well, I hope this has inspired you to make your own easel card!! They're a lot of FUN to make!!

Thank you sooooo much if you made it through this very long post!! I really appreciate your visit!!

New Year's Sale!!
Everything is 30% OFF through Sunday, January 9th!!

Happy 2011!! :)

God bless & big hugs...

Do not be led astray by the things of this world.
But, rather be encouraged to Stay True To God.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Adore" - My baby girls when they were only 2 & 4!! And a GIVEAWAY!! :)

My girls were looking at old photos... you remember... those expensive films that had to be developed and you always hoped they'd actually turn out!! Well, Katie was sweet enough to scan a bunch of them onto our PC and I just LOVE these pics of "My Baby Girls" at only 2 & 4!! They've always been super, super close "Sweet Sisters"!! I love how they're cuddling together and Lyssa is holding Katie's little hand!!! Gosh... my babies are now 11 & almost 14!! :)

I used Jolaine's technique for making a "Paper Lace Border". I just doubled it for this layout. You can find her tutorial here...

All of the flowers are handmade using the "Water Distressed Flower Technique". I "double dunk" though! I get them wet, crinkle them... open them up... then wet & crinkle them again. I crinkle them up really, really tight while squeezing the water out... just be careful not to rip 'em. When dry, they are somewhat of a pain to open, but I like the "ruffled" look. My Hubby says they look like "spit wads"!! LOL!!!

I used "6-petal" flower punches in 4 sizes. The largest flower has... 1 x-large, 1 large, 1 medium and 2 small punches. For the medium flower, just omit the x-large punch. For the tiny flowers, omit both the x-large and large punches. Try making these with different flower punches! Then have fun inking, chalking, spritzing, drawing, glittering, using copic markers, h2o's and whatever else you can think of on them!! It's so easy to match your projects with your own handmade flowers!!

You can find some great flower tutorials here...

Be sure and check the top right side of Gabi's blog for more tutorials!

This also includes water distressed leaves!
Check out Lisa's older blog posts for more tutorials!

Be sure and check the top right side of Vicky's blog for more flower tutorials!

I have "Lily" and "Cherry Blossom" Punches 25% off in the store through December 31st.

To make the glittery butterflies... I used a Martha Stewart punch, inked the edges and stuck them to double-sided "sticky Paper". Then cut the paper close to the edge of the butterflies and sprinkled them with pink "Art Glitter".  I used a "Hot Fix Applicator" to attach the "Hot Fix Rhinestones". If you want your butterfly's wings to "flutter" DON'T take the back of the sticky paper off. However, using double-sided sticky paper is a great way for you to make 3D sticker embellishments!

I love the glittery birdcage from the "Adore" Fly Away Glittered paper!! So, I cut it out and used it here!! I used the large flower to cover up a cut in the stand and the missing foot on the base.

Do you like the glittery "Lost & Found" Collection too? You could win a set of your choice in our monthly GIVEAWAY... next one is on December 31st! Are you on our mailing list?? Check out and click on the "Visit My Store" link and enter your email address in the "Join our mailing list" box. I post the winners here and on the website.

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Well, I hope you all have an amazing "Christ" filled Christmas!! :)

God bless & big hugs...

Do not be led astray by the things of this world.
But, rather be encouraged to Stay True To God.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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Hope you're all having a super creative day!! :)

God bless & big hugs...

Do not be led astray by the things of this world.
But, rather be encouraged to Stay True To God.