Monday, August 23, 2010

CHERRY BLOSSOM Tutorial by my daughter Katie!!

These gorgeous Cherry Blossoms were made by my 11 year old daughter, Katie, with punches, craft wire and floral tape!!

Now, we sell the punches in our store!!

Here's an awesome little tutorial that Katie put together...

Simply punch out the shapes you need...

2 - #2 Medium Blossom
1 - #4 Large Water Splatt
1 - #1 Small Sunflower
2 - Mini Suns

Use the Stylus Tool and... rub the center of the flower in a circular motion to "cup" the flower.

Katie "cupping" another flower petal.

Side view of all the "cupped" petals.
Katie painted all of the petals with Shimmerz Paintz.
She used "Pink" and "Angel Wings".

Katie is molding the flowers on the back side of each petal.

Layer all 3 of the petals.

Katie split each of the sunflower petals with scissors.
Then she painted the tips with Shimmerz "Burgundy".

"My Girls"!!!

To make the bendable branch, you will need the following items...

Paper-Covered Craft Wire
Brown Floral Tape
Wire Cutters

Bend the Craft Wire to the desired length

Cut the Craft Wire with Wire Cutters.

Bend the smaller piece of wire around the main branch.

Wrap the Brown Floral Tape around the branches.
We recommend putting a small amount at each tip first.
Dad helped... "thanks Dad"!!!

Assemble the remaining flower pieces.

Press down on the center of each flower with a small stylus tool to "pop" the stamen up.

Arrange your Cherry Blossoms on the Branches.

Apply glue and attach your petals to the branches.

All Finished!!!

Katie made these beautiful blossoms to give away in a flower swap... I am soooo very proud of her!!

She's going to start selling her handmade flowers and cards on our website.

Want to make your own Cherry Blossoms?
Check out our store at...

We hope you're encouraged to start making your own amazing Cherry Blossoms!!

Have an awesome day!!

God bless & big hugs...

Tracy & Katie


carrie said...

man, those are so gorgeous. talented little girl, I just may be giving her some business. they really are beautiful and cherry blossoms are my fav...

Canadian Candy said...

Awesome job Katie!!! You've done a fabulous job!!! Thanks for sharing your great tips!

Vicky Alberto said...

gorgeous! Fabulous punches!

jenny said...

These are lovely.... but can't see the smallest punched sun in the final pics??

jenny said...

These are lovely.... but can't see the smallest punched sun in the final pics??