Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Adore" - My baby girls when they were only 2 & 4!! And a GIVEAWAY!! :)

My girls were looking at old photos... you remember... those expensive films that had to be developed and you always hoped they'd actually turn out!! Well, Katie was sweet enough to scan a bunch of them onto our PC and I just LOVE these pics of "My Baby Girls" at only 2 & 4!! They've always been super, super close "Sweet Sisters"!! I love how they're cuddling together and Lyssa is holding Katie's little hand!!! Gosh... my babies are now 11 & almost 14!! :)

I used Jolaine's technique for making a "Paper Lace Border". I just doubled it for this layout. You can find her tutorial here...

All of the flowers are handmade using the "Water Distressed Flower Technique". I "double dunk" though! I get them wet, crinkle them... open them up... then wet & crinkle them again. I crinkle them up really, really tight while squeezing the water out... just be careful not to rip 'em. When dry, they are somewhat of a pain to open, but I like the "ruffled" look. My Hubby says they look like "spit wads"!! LOL!!!

I used "6-petal" flower punches in 4 sizes. The largest flower has... 1 x-large, 1 large, 1 medium and 2 small punches. For the medium flower, just omit the x-large punch. For the tiny flowers, omit both the x-large and large punches. Try making these with different flower punches! Then have fun inking, chalking, spritzing, drawing, glittering, using copic markers, h2o's and whatever else you can think of on them!! It's so easy to match your projects with your own handmade flowers!!

You can find some great flower tutorials here...

Be sure and check the top right side of Gabi's blog for more tutorials!

This also includes water distressed leaves!
Check out Lisa's older blog posts for more tutorials!

Be sure and check the top right side of Vicky's blog for more flower tutorials!

I have "Lily" and "Cherry Blossom" Punches 25% off in the store through December 31st.

To make the glittery butterflies... I used a Martha Stewart punch, inked the edges and stuck them to double-sided "sticky Paper". Then cut the paper close to the edge of the butterflies and sprinkled them with pink "Art Glitter".  I used a "Hot Fix Applicator" to attach the "Hot Fix Rhinestones". If you want your butterfly's wings to "flutter" DON'T take the back of the sticky paper off. However, using double-sided sticky paper is a great way for you to make 3D sticker embellishments!

I love the glittery birdcage from the "Adore" Fly Away Glittered paper!! So, I cut it out and used it here!! I used the large flower to cover up a cut in the stand and the missing foot on the base.

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Well, I hope you all have an amazing "Christ" filled Christmas!! :)

God bless & big hugs...

Do not be led astray by the things of this world.
But, rather be encouraged to Stay True To God.


Angelica said...

Aww, this is such a cute the colors!!
Oh yes, I know what you mean...I have so many pictures that didn't come out!!
Since I've learned photoshop I've been scrapping some older pics jazzed up!!

Merry Christmas my friend!!

Nanne said...

Beautiful Layout.. I absolutely love your style..such a delicate touch..classy!

NickelNook said...

Gorgeous layout Tracy! Thanks so much for popping it at my blog! It's so funny...I was sure I was already "following" your blog. Then it occurred to me that I wasn't getting any post updates. Turns out I wasn't following after all! duh! I am now! lol I'm having so much fun scrapping photos of my girls when they were young too...but they're now 22 and 23! I'm a little late coming to this papercrafting party! I'm making up for lost time now though! "See" you soon!...Nancy :o)