Saturday, June 12, 2010

YAY!!! New website is up and BoBunny just arrived yesterday!!!! :)

Well, my new website is finally up and running!! I still have a LOT to do though!! BoBunny just arrived yesterday... so, that will be posted ASAP!!! Dusty Attic sales are absolutely CRAZY!! I already need to place another order from Australia!!! I also have some new Dusty Attic items that I need to post to the site!! Here's a link to the store if you want to check it out...

Thank you sooooo much to all of you that have dealt with handling orders through email!! Your patience and understanding is very, very appreciated!! I have sooooo many ideas for my new store and hope this will be an awesome journey for all of us!!!

Hubby and I have worked very hard to offer super cheap shipping and orders have been going out same day or following day!! The site is working great for US and Canada... but, we definitely ship worldwide!!  So, for our International customers (other than Canada)... please feel free to shop... and check-out, but please don't pay. I'll figure exact shipping and send you an invoice through PayPal.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at...

Up and coming...

I absolutely LOVE what everyone has been creating with the Dusty Attic pieces and hope to have some of those AWESOME creations posted on my website!! So, don't be surprised if you get a PM from me on wanting YOURS!! Plus you'll get $5.00 in store credit for EVERY picture I post!!!!

Thanks!! :)

God bless & big, big hugs to all of you...



Chantal Larocque said...

Hello! I just discover your awesome new on-line shop through a teammate of MPTS "More Paper Than Shoes"!!! Wow! Lots to choose from...I'm a big fan of Webter's pages!

Wish you much success!


Chantal Larocque said...

Your on-line store was sooooooo easy to shop in...I love your selection! Can't wait to receive my order!!!!

Take care,